“The utmost of an imbecilic game … CHESS”

. . .

because unbalanced masculine is incapable of its harmonious ENrgy which is . . ,,balancing action,,

[ … beCause ]

“… UNbalanced ‘masculine’
is incapable of
its Harmonious «ENergy»,
which is : ‘balancing action’ …” 


and, thusly,

the “actions” CROSS THE LINE
and BEcome … “d i s t r A C T I O N”

[ … literally,
” dis ” … for “bad”,
” t ” … for “time”
” r ” … for “electrical resistance”
” action ” ]


… “this”, has been
“the old paradigm” …

in the “t h e a t r e”
WE came to play, “us,
the volunteers”, “this” is
the catharsis
we were “born here
to carry through”

Augusto Boal - Theatre is a form of knowledge, it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build OUR future, rather than just waiting for it. art


is it “this” simple ?!! …

this sense~lessNess … of
“distraction” …

is what “brought” the inVENTtION
the absolute “m o r o n i c”
‘play’ of chess , and
such ( or, “in” such )
“o b s e s s i v e   g l o r i f i c a t i o n”

… i mean, TRULY, having
“i d i o t i c”

the word ,,idiot,, - ΙΔΙΩΤΗΣ . old typer writing on white cottony


the “space” of it …

for one … a “square”

FLAT “surFace”, also
“devided” in more “littler”
… s q u a r e s !!! …

what is a “square” ? …


it is a … “f r a m e” …
a  “l i m i t a t i o n” !

and, it is NOT EVEN
a 3D “limitation” …

which would be “a box” !

The hardest prison to escape is our own mind.


it is a “flat” surface of “illusion”
( or, ” I L L u s I O N ” ) !

… does it “exist” ANYwhere ?

in  “N a t u r e”,

in  “C r e a t i o n” ?

N O !


it ONLY exists as an “illusion”
in “the mind” … and “that”, is
the “first premise” ( ! LOL ! ) of
… “c h e s s” ! …


then, there is yet another
“duality limitation” …

the “black & white”  “s c h e m e”  !…

Mountains & trees & rainbow reflected in lake


“what” ? …

is “that” ALL ? … REALLY ?!! …


and then, the “ultimate” …

the  “w h i t e   s u p r e m a c y” ( !!! )


“s t a r t   F I R S T”  !!! …


R e A L L Y  ?!! …

in a  “s q u a r e”
with more limited little
“squares” to
LIMIT  “m o v e m e n t”
in  “b l a c k  &  w h i t e”
the  ” w h i  t e ”
gets to
“m o v e   f i r s t”

( as if “that” could EVER be
((or)) “done” in “Nature”,
in “Creation” …! )

! ! !

the opposite of nature is impossible .quozio


… in SUCH a “setting” …

with so much “limitation”
“SET” limitations at that,

OBVIOUSLY the one that
moves “first”, would be in such
inequitable advantage …

and THEN,

we get the  “p o s i t i o n i n g” !!!

… T W O ( what a “surprise” !!! )

“s i d e s” ( only ! )

in … an orderly “l i n e” …

t w o  “rows” on  e a c h  “side”

the ( “child like” ) little
“privates” ( “idiots” literally )


for … ( “what” exactly ?! )
…  “starters” … ( as if a “banquet” ! )


“i n   o p p o s i t i o n”

( ! ! !  LOL  ! ! ! )


NOT “side to side”,
NOT “intermingling” !

… it is ONLY  t w o  “sides”,
in  “o p p o s i t i o n” …

«WHY» they got be in “opposition”
is anyone’s “guess”
and, apparently, totally … “irrelevant” !!!

jail prison bars cells -


how very
… “N a t u r a l”
… “C r e a t i o n a l”



“WHAT” is “THIS” … “PLAY”

a b o u t

as the … “O B J E C T i v e”

of it ?


Answer : the “dropping” of … “a king” …


The “king”, who is “what” and “why” ?!!


The most  “r i d i c u l o u s” … “figure”
EVER invented, indeed ! …

a most incredible “specimen”
a … contemptible “cretin”
… “a male”
… uproarious “head~gear”
even more preposterous … “costume”
… !!! …

Fyodor Dostoevsky - if devil doesnt exist then man created him in his own image - just like he did god observed Alyosha -Religion Patriarchy


the “king”
( also “silent as the grave” )
is, in addition, the “utmost”
( although “the dead centre of attention” )
… “despondency” …!!!

the “king” CAN go ANYwhere …
( if only “the rest of them” were NOT “arround” ! )
the “king” CANNOT … “elongate” theirselves
( if only “the female” was NOT so … “AWEsome” ! )

the “king”
will SIT there … or, rather, “stand” …
( “sitting duck” … “standing , duck” … )

the ULTIMATE of … “i d l e n e s s”,
of … “r e m i s s n e s s”,
of … “a p a t h y” …


NO matter “what”

the “king” will

ALL WAYS ~ “always”

get “stuck” in “a corner”

( it is ALL “squares”, afterall ! )


… “f a l l” …

Bertolt Brecht - People remain what they are, even if their faces fall apart.


… ” Glory to CHESS ! ” …


where the  “v a r i a b l e s”
are ALL  “S E T”


even the “lower scale” of
computers could “win” !!!

p r o v i d e d,

it IS

in ONE
bigger “limited square”,
“bounded confines”

smaller “squares”
more “restrictive movement” still,

distinguished by
“black & white” ONLY,

placed in “opposition”,

and, having ALWAYS
the “first move” as
“a given” to
“the white”

in TWO “precised” rows

the “first in line”
an “all~in~one” uniform “level”
for a callous, waste~full “insulation”

to the “benefit” of

a structured hierarchy
of the second, “behind the lines” row,
with the “componets” of a summation in
“sham” and “complacency”

and, lastly,
( but with “ALL the means”
NOT “least~ly” … )

an “end goal”
of a most prodigious and
anticlimactic … “disillusionment” …

fallen white king - chess - black and white image - mirror surface.


( more like “a wang”
that takes “forever” to “reach”
and then, there is just
the “one drop of cum”, dribbling
down a now shrivelled, useless … “cock” )


which, of~Course,
… “p r o v i d e d” … !

Michael Angelo - Capella Sistina - detail of ,,touch of God,,


H O N E S T L Y   ! ! !

!!! LOL ^_^ LOL !!!