“The Education of Totalitarianism …” [excerpt]

. . .

an “excerpt”, taken from

Basic “education on old paradigm” , 2021 ( keeps being “up~dated” )


*  “NORMALISING” agendas


Bertolt Brecht - The worst illiterate is the political ... from non-participation comes the prostitute,abandoned child,robber+THE worst=corrupt officials=lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations



fourth first of all

The “HOW”

… “imperial” …
… “white patriarchy” …
perpetuated itself
has a simple “answer”


Bertrand Russell - men-are-born-ignorant-not-stupid-they-are-made-stupid-by-education



the saturation


… “indoctrinated education” …


George Bernard Shaw - schooling not only failed to teach me

the Nobel prize for Literature, that George Bernard Shaw, of~course, TURNED DOWN !


* “The Forbidden Education” (2012)

is a documentary
holographically displaying
the very … “issue”
“indoctrination of slavery”
the … “enforced dogmatic
imprintation of … knowledge”

George Bernard Shaw - can forgive nobel for dynamite but only a fiend could invent the prizes


* “StarSuckers” (2009)
dismantles the
“celebrity cult”
to perpetuate
… “the empire” …
“engineering of consent”

Edward Bernays - propaganda + motion pictures movies film industry ... As the newspaper seeks to purvey news, it seeks to purvey enteratinment.


Supplementing the inlook
the invention
… “propaganda” …
… “public relations” …
after the advent
of the 2nd
openly fascist world war
* “The Century of the Self” (2002)
( which should be entitled

“~ The century of the
CAPITALisATion of the ‘i’ ” )


Edward Bernays - Propaganda .1928 page 10


[ Note :

an “interesting” … subsequent is
… “Marc Randolph” …
the co~founder and first ceo of
… “NetFlix” …
is the nephew of “Edward Bernays”. ]


When NetFlix co-founder Marc Randolph was 21, his dad gave him eight ,,rules for success,,. The orig...


[ Note :
Sigmund Freud
was the inventor of
a megalomaniacal,
all around misanthrope
a ( ‘jewish descent’ )
“messiah complex”,
failing miserably to
“break through”
his invention of coccaine
as a … “panacea”,
he, then, marched on
to become the patriarch
of “psycho~rapism”
and, establish
the “self~righteousness” of
a “new secret service”
previously held

only, by the
“confession industry”
of “old religions” ]


Sigmund Freud - a little child is immoral, he has no internal inhibitions against pleasures ... misanthrope, misopaidas

And, furthermore about
“religious agenda”


“misogyny cult”


Sigmund Freud - the sexual life of adult women is a ,,dark continent,, for psychology . misogyny



taken from 

*  Basic “education on old paradigm” , 2021 ( keeps being “up~dated” )


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