“Mελπομένη” …! or, “THREE of WANDS”

. . .

finally “met” You, «Μελπομένη»
and You “invited” me “in”
without “knowing” me

That difficult “patch” of “dark”
we shared
walking that same “path”
as we … “dared”

Although i could not get my
flashlight to “work”, You
… urged us «on»

And, We “made it”

and, without “knowing” me, You
«offered me» tea
… at “Your place”

Although, just before that “dark spot”,
as we started “talking”
“sharing the road” …

for some reason or other, You
“commented” on “my boyfriend”
in some “hypothetical proceedings” …

and, for some “reason” or “other”, i
wished to clarify to You, and
pointed out that i was … “gay” …

and i, “commented”
on … how “disgusting” it is
to … “ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΕΙΝ”, “categorise” ( “accuse” ) …

And, You, did not “loath” me
by “re~action” …
your eyes did not “show” … “horror” …

( which is my
“usual” … “receival of verdict”
as if «i am» on “trial” … )

Not You !…
your eyes “agaped” at me, and
“glistened” with certain … “animation” …

would have NEVER “imagined”
that, a “pariah” as myself, would
“receive an invitation”

and, that “i” would … “accept” …

“History” is the “subject” You
“dwell” in life …
i want to “learn” so much by You

“share” … with You
is more … “applicable” and “true”

… with your dark hair
( is it “light brown” or more “Cimmerian” ? )
and, my God ! … “Gates” for eyes …

… it is such “an experience” !…

and, it is so much more
than, … “nice” … …





THREE of WANDS - lady with dark hair and flowers on her kimono



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