“how much longer …”

. . .

as days become longer nights
and, as “my mind” … “grows” crazier
having … “so much” … to say

“time~space” going … “racier”
yet, so “slow”, almost to a “stand still”
my “life” seems like that

“stale”, and “stagnant” and “emptier”
is it “possible” ?
“my mind” says : “i don’t think so !”

my heart is silent …

what is different “now” ?
my “age”, and “location”
and the whole world “under”

… anaesthesia

from Ellenophone
ἂνευ + αἲσθηση
without + the senses

everything feels
so completely
“withOUT the senses”

yet, it is NOT “dead”
it is simply … “life~less”
isn’t it worse ?

yes, everything feels “empty” in this 3D …
am “feeling”, “ENsensing” ALL these “thoughts”
from … people ( that i don’t talk ) …

“thoughts” full of “fear” …
the “analysis ~ paralysis” paradigm
~ what is “safe” to “keep” near ? …

yet, the “bondage” is “noWHERE” to be “seen” …

“when everything around us is not true,
how are we to suspect that all is fake ?”
so said “Prof. Demetres Liantines”
who “chose” his way of … “leaving” …

there were “free” people still “then”
not everyone was … “captive”
of the lies, the global dictatorship’s den

and so, the “fear”
enlarges and enlarges …

and the «freedom»
not even a “thought”, anymore …


am “hungry”
it would be so nice if there was
something to eat …

it would be even better with
some … “company” …





Healing of OUR ,,am,, has to take priority over the health of the ,,i,,. inspiraquotes.com



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