“my language Story” , 2021.02.09



Dearest «i am» of “You”


[ Ellenophone “parakaló”,
“pará”, as in “being parallel”
“kaló”, with an “ω” ( “oméga” )
ending to denote “verb, first person”
= “call”

“parallel calling” = “you are welcome” ]

no, “English”
is not my “mother tongue”.
my BirthPlace is Cyprus

an over 10,000 years
( civilisation )
Mediterranean island
i am EllenoPhone

my mother tongue
is “Cyprus dialect”
the most “ancient form”
of … «Ellenic»
( wrongly known as “Greek” )
[ Ellenic “phone”,
ΦΩΝΗ , ( pronounced “phoné” )
ΜΕΓΑΦΩΝΟ , “megaphone”
“méga” = “big”
ΜΙΚΡΟΦΩΝΟ , “microphone”
“mikró” = “small”
ΓΡΑΜΜΟΦΩΝΟ , “grammophone”
“grammé” , “grámma”
= “line” , “letter”
ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΟ , “telephone”
“telé” = “afar” ]

… Cyprus …

“the island of Love”
“the birthplace of Aphrodite”
from more than 2,500 years
“my people worshiped
“Aphrodite” and “Apollo”
“Love & Natural Beauty”
and the “Sun”,
“FemaleNess” & “MaleNess”
“Electricity” & “Magnetism”
“Ying” & “Yang”
… … …
Cyprus is an island
in the Eastern most corner
in the Mediterranean
For that “reason”,
{ ~ NorthWestern of it
“Europe” and “Asia Minor”,
to the East of it, “Asia”,
“Middle East”, Syria, Lebanon,
to the South of it, “Egypt”
the continent of “Africa” ~ }
“my land of Cyprus”
NEVER “experienced” … “Peace”
The “empires”
would come and go
as it was “strategically”
a most “predominent station”
to have
very small, does not take much
to … “possess” it, and
its “people”, … “peace~full”
and “non~violent”
The latest “empire”
was the “British”,
literally “bought” us
from the “Ottoman”,
in the late 19th century.
The “British” then “gave” us
… “IN~dependance” …
in 1960
all “empires”, after
the 2nd openly fascist world war,
were “getting rid of”
their … “expensive” dominions,
( without ever “UNleashing”
of~course )
creating one “common”
the “NATO empire”
i was born 10 years after
the “signatures” for “INdependance”
were … “layed”
( 16th of August )
not even 4 full years later,
in 1974,
the NATO empire
ordered its branch
in “Greece” ( “dictatorship
at the time” )
to commit a coup t’ etat,
5 DAYS later
the NATO empire branch
of “Turkey”
invaded the island
… “undisturbed”
occupying HALF of the island
in the North
[ “The Rape of Cyprus” (1975)
directed by Michael Cacoyiannis
… to … “this day” …
i started “learning” English
when i was 6 years old
and, at 17, i went to “England”
for my … “further education”
( further imperial
indoctrinated regurgitations )
i have a “musical ear”,
music has
been my Guiding «Light»
which meant
i could “catch” languages
fairly easily
by 18, i could also
“understand and speak French”
( which later, at now 50, “lost” )
as my sister’s “further education”
was in Italy, i got to spend
a lot of time there, in my teens
which, made it possible for me
to “fairly comprehend” Italian,
but “not speak it”
during my “further education”
years in England, most of
my fellow student friends
were Spanish, and
again, i got to “catch
the comprehension” of Spanish
but, again, “not speak it”.
For years now, wished
to learn “Arabic”
i wished to read
“The Koran” in its “original”
my age, “now”, does not
… “support” the “learning
of languages” anymore
And, “that” is “the story”
“my” … “language”


- ... Πέτρα του Ρωμιοῦ ... -
~ BirthPlace of Aphrodite




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