ICELAND , exampli gratia ~ 2020.07.30 ~

. . .
Dearest «i am» of “You”
Πρῶτο, πρῶτα ἀπ’ ὁλα,
για την ΕΡΩΤησῆ Σου !
Δεύτερο, πρῶτα ἀπ’ ὃλα
να ἐκφράσω το πόσο
εἶναι ¨έξ~αιρετικό πως”
(και ἐξαιρετικά “εἰρωνικά” λεγόμενο “ἐδῶ”)
ΔΕΝ ὑπάρχουν …
γενικῶς εἲδους
… “καλύψεις”
για το
“παράδειγμα της Ἰσλανδίας”.
Εἶχα παρακολουθῆσει ὀμιλία
πρῶην ὑπουργοῦ της Ἰσλανδίας
στην Ἀθῆνα, το Φθινόπωρο του 2017
εἶναι ἓνα ἀπό τα δυστυχές
να μην βρίσκω πουθενά
το video ἢ ἒστω audio
αὐτῆς της ὀμίλίας,
για μια καλή … “εἰσαγωγῆ” …
κάποια … “πολύ λίγα”
για τα “περί … παραδείγματος”
και, πάλι
για την ΕΥκαιρία
~ “KVENNAFRÍ” * “Women’s Day Off” of 1975
~ Iceland’s banks all fail, EXCEPT one run by women
~ The 60:40 and “3 person at head” law of Iceland
[ note : Michael Moore is a “patriarchy’s system
‘under cover’ engineer of consent” ]
~ “how Iceland beat the banks”
[ note : even “main stream propaganda machines”
cannot help but “expose” the … “prosperity” ]
~ HARPA Concert Hall, Reykjavik
[ note : as learned from the minister’s speech
( and apologies
i have not my notes to write his name ),
when Iceland “collapsed”,
the Icelanders
decided to follow
one of their proverbs :
( again not word for word
as i have not my notes, this is
from “memory” )
«… when hard rowing is needed, is best
not to be in seperate boats …»
he elaborated on
instead of going into
“austerity measures”,
and “bail out the failed banks”
they “focused” on
issues that needed their
attention : for example
* women’s equality & safety
* the arts
* the health system
* the country’s infrastructure
* they put “the con~artist bankers” in jail ]
Grateful & Great~Full

Hazrat Inayat Kran - Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place Beauty-Full

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