Fellow … ΛΟΓΙstas , 2021.03



Voltaire - writing is the painting of the voice



Declan Moriarty

there’s is NO covid..Covid has never been isolated by the gold standard test Koch postulate…it’s influenza A or influenza B .. it’s a flu that kills people who have weak immune systems,… just like any other seasonal flu year.. where did all the flu, heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, pneumonia, chest infections, old age, Alzheimer’s deaths go to.. oh that’s right they all went down as Covid to push the numbers up, and then use these figures to scare monger, via the MSM every 20 mins, bearing in mind all governments where paid a substantial amount to carry this false hood out.. the PCR tests had a false negative of unto 80-95% because they used them at a very high rate in a central fuse.. which draws out DNA.. once they reduced the spins on jan 13th the numbers of false positives dropped drastically ….all this was proven in a court of law.. the CDC down graded Covid to a flu back in March 2020… look it up.. this has been the biggest con in the history on cons..

Robert Kennedy and a team of scientist from the worlds dr alliance (who have either been sacked or silenced for talking out) have just won a case in the Supreme Court in USA on 3rd March…fauci and his team of corrupt scientist could not prove that ANY vaccine in the past 32 years have been effective .. so they lost their case for universal mandatory vaccinations.. still not on MSM though.. ( found this information on United network news ..an honest news network that tells the truth ) the next step ..there is a load of lawyers who is taking all governments and anyone involved in the scamdemic to a second round of Nuremberg trails …when this all comes out the whole world will be ashamed of themselves for being fooled and brainwashed for so long..





Monica Linford


first of all, allow me to
… “present”
an interview with

Dolores Cahill
“… building the
NEW paradigm …”
second first of all,
what you are describing, is
certainly the “reality”
for so many of us
i, too, made the “travel back home”
last Summer, was not allowed to go
get my suitcase and meet my folks,
waiting for me after years abroad,
i “signed”
PAID €60
to HAVE the forced PCR “test”
done on my body
i ended up
singing the
loud and crying
which is IN FACT
the “National Anthem”
for Ellenophone peoples
[ the creed of
( it is 158 stanzas, and
NOT all of them heard “here” )
wrote “DO NOT” before
the word “… consent …”
and signed
filling in gibberish
as it was a form for
PAID €60 euro
this PRIVATE hospital
in Limassol
that they were using
the OLD Airport in Larnaca,
( took us
from the plane
“gate boarding buses”,
couple of miles away
where we were
suppose to “exit”
the “OFFICIAL” airport
in Larnaca )
i had some bad reaction
from the nasal swabing
that thing is way “long”
for two weeks later
my upper nose bit
was swollen
and hurt very much
and, i AM QUITE tolerant
to “physical pain”
we ALL need to BE
in OUR best
OUR Humanity
ALL over on OUR eARTh
Take Care With Your Light





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