PERFECT «by design», too



Mahatma Gandhi - There is nothing that wastes the body like worry and, one who has any faith in god should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever . butterfly+flower


Dearest «i am» of “You”
… PhotoAdélphi …

the zillions of years
human BEings have been
living on OUR eARTh …
and suddently the “euginicists”
a “better” way for
OUR Humanity
and, to … “transhuman” ?!?
«i am»
sticking with
OUR Bodies aRe
PERFECT «by design»
… NOT “theirs” …!
By “the way”,
“this” will clear some things out
the “timing” of all “this New Normal”
the 4th industrial “revolution”
and, while you are at it,
check the following, too
about the “10 stages of genocide”
which is
“what this” is
and, also have a listen to
the spearheading lawyer
Reiner Fuellmich,
about the
“Class Action International Lawsuit”
a Nuremberg Tribunal,
coined as “The Largest Ever”
and BIGGER than the previous one,
bringing this “great reset agenda” to
its ABSOLUTE demise
people are responding,
ALL over on OUR eARTh
~ for example
World Freedom
or, ~
to the … “WAKE UP CALL”
And lastly,
a BIIIIIG “Thank You”
for the opportunity to
broadcast all these
«PERFECT ‘by design’»
… OUR Humanity …
ALL over on OUR eARTh
… ( ) … ….
Take Care With Your Light
~ Rev. Tr. Alexia Christodoulou

some questions to ask
in “text form” 
(for those who’d like to copy & paste)
If there really is a pandemic why …
1. Don’t we hear endless ambulance sirens?
2. Are the undertakers saying business is usual?
3. Aren’t there cues of people at cemeteries burying the dead?
4. Was the 2020 death rate within normal parameters?
5. Why have the usual influenza deaths disappeared?
6. If the 1st lockdown worked, why are we doing it again?
7. If the lockdowns did not work, why do them again?
8. Are governments listening to their small panels of experts &
not to vast majority of health experts?
9. Does TV show scenes of pandemonium yet
in reality hospitals are below normal capacity?
10. Are 1000s of nurses out of work?
11. If pandemic began in 2019,
did world governments deliver 1000s of PCR Covid-19 test kits
in 2018?
12. If used/discarded masks are highly contagious
is the countryside littered with them?
13. Are rules & regulations different from country to country?
14. If Covid doesn’t effect children are the schools shut?
15. If masks work, haven’t we been using them every year for the flu?
16. Aren’t people dying in the streets, especially the homeless?
17. Are supermarkets with capacity of 100s of people open, yet
corner stores with small capacity shut?
18. Are positive PCR tests called “cases” and not a “positive result”?
19. Isn’t it reported that WHO said PCR tests are unreliable &
should not be used?
20. If a cough or sneeze droplet can expand 30ft, are we
socially distancing only 6ft?
21. Is it OK to rub sanitizer (a toxin) into your skin several times a day?
22. Do we need an experimental mRNA-based vaccine
for a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate?
23. If the vaccine works, can you catch & transmit the disease
after receiving it?
24. If you’ve had the vaccine, do you still have to
wear a mask & social distance?
25. “How many people do you personally know who have died of Covid?”

in the following video, by SpaceBusters


and some “comic relief”, too
* “Cops vs Nurses ~ i got a fever” 


* “They can’t arrest us all” 




also, may further “read” 

Basic “education on old paradigm” , 2021 ( keeps being “up~dated” ) 

Basic «learning the New Earth ~ CAENE TRIATHÉQUE» , (keeps being “up~dated”)



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