“try, try, and try again” … … 2003 … 2010 … 2020




Voltaire - History never repeats itself. Man always does.

“try, try and try again”




remove a “common word”

and … “voilá” …

a “CROWNing”

of … “Euginicists’ success” …



“flu” may be “deadly” in any form


it is “flu” and NOT more than “that” …!



which the obsolete “old paradigm”
would not allow us to have
under its “slave~jobs” regime,
for which “now”
their 4th industrial “revolution”
we, “the slaves”
are not “needed” anymore

for something
like “the flu” inflamation,
we should
be in bed for a week …!

Do try to bear in mind, that
one could also
“choke to death”
a “potato fry”
gone the wrong way …! 

In fact, the “percentge”
of “dying” of something
“like that” is still 
… “higher than”, too …!

hardly “cause” to
“stop eating”
troughout the world

let alone,
“enFORCING” mRNA jabs
“recode the mouth”
“… how to eat …”
… !!! … 


Euginicists’ agenda
… “great reDOing”…
OUR world
according to
“… their image …”


January 11, 2010


~ A false pandemic ~

Wolfgang Wodarg is a pal of mine.

I have long respected his views.
He was the chairman of
the Council of Europe Health Committee,
I am the vice chairman.
He hit the news headlines
throughout Europe today
with the claim that
the swine flu scare
was a “false pandemic”
led by
drug companies
that stood to make billions
from vaccines.
I supported his plea.
Now I am happy to take on the investigation.
Wodarg lost his seat
in the recent German election
is no longer a member
of the committee.
I was asked today
to take on the job
of rapporteur.
( * “rapporteur”
: one who is designated
to give a report, as at a meeting. )
I’m happy to do so.
As an epidemiologist and lung expert
Wolfgang claimed
major firms organised
a “campaign of panic”
to put pressure on
the World Health Organisation
to declare a pandemic.
He believes it is
“one of the greatest
medicine scandals
of the century,”
he has called for
an inquiry.
An emergency debate
on the issue
is likely to be held
by the Council of Europe
later this month.
Wodarg said,
“It’s just a normal kind of flu.
It does not cause a tenth
of deaths caused
by the classic seasonal flu.
“The great campaign of panic
we have seen
provided a golden opportunity
for representatives
from labs who knew
they would hit the jackpot
in the case of
a pandemic being declared.
In the UK
the nation was thrown
into a panic
with the threat that
swine flu would kill
65,000 people.
The total, so far
is 350.
Wolfgang is right,
normal flu
is ten times as deadly.
It was Wolfgangs’ advice
that persuaded me
not to have the swine flu jab.
It has not been fully trialled.
Its adverse side effects
may not be apparent for years.
I judge the jab to be
more hazardous than swine flu.
The scare has cost the UK dear.
There is a report that
£1billon worth of Tamiflu
are unused and
impossible to sell.
The levels of national stress
and anxiety
were raised sky high
in the summer.
At what cost
to our national well being?
The priorities of the health service
were distorted
to deal with this
non pandemic.
But there are the winners.
The pharmaceutical companies
are rolling in profits.
I look forward with relish
to this investigation.
We want to clarify everything
that brought about
this massive operation
of disinformation.
Who made decisions,
on the basis of what evidence,
and precisely how
was the influence of
the pharmaceutical industry
used in the decision-making.
Wolfgang said,
“A group of people in the WHO
are associated very closely
with the pharmaceutical industry.
In an interview
with France’s L’Humanité, Sunday,
Wodarg also raised concerns
about swine flu vaccines.
“The vaccines
were developed too quickly.
Some ingredients
were insufficiently tested,”
he said.
Although Wodarg
can no longer conduct the probe,
the committee
will call him
as an expert witness.
There will also be
representatives from
the Pharmas
the World Health Organisation.
He has other worries.
He said
“There is worse to come.
The vaccine
developed by Novartis
was produced in a bioreactor
from cancerous cells,
a technique
that had never been used
until now.
This was not necessary.
It has also led
to a considerable mismanagement
of public money’.
The Government will say
they have to err
on the side of safety.
But this is the second time
that the nation has had
a nervous breakdown
spent a fortune
on a non-threat.
It was the same story
with Avian flu.
It is always possible
that a mass killer flu
will come along,
it was not avian
or swine.
Someone has blundered.
The Pharmas have influence
in high places.
They are laughing
all the way to the bank.



Take Care With Light











~ ENthymesis Alethia ~


Platon - We are aware that there exist two kinds of medical treatment ... slaves=eradicate symptom, return to job AND free citizens=attempt cause, fully restore health. orange


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