The «Light~Worker» known as “Prince” , #CTp01011

. . .

Dearest «i am» of “You”


one of the … “prophets”,
a «Light~Worker» of OUR “times”

that … the “old paradigm”
had to “dispose OFF”

just as
it was about to
… “clear” …

especially with regard to


The commentary, that
he made “wrong choices”
in his life,
is only a “mind programming”
patriarchy’s “control” propaganda.


The song
is one of the anthems
OUR “time~space” … event


His … “work”
is about
… “inclusion”


No matter the “sexual explicitness”
that some of his early material exhibits,

he, within his Life and Work
has been also explicitely


Interview with Tavis Smiley in 2009 :

section of the interview, with video~clip of Dick Gregory Prince referenced

part (longer version) of the interview broadcasted after Prince’s demise


Interview with George Lopez in 2011 :

first part of the interview at “Lopez Tonight” (2011)


Interview with Arsenio Hall in 2014 :

the full episode with Arsenio Hall (2014)


After Prince’s
“accidental death”
Reid mentions

“the elevator”
trying to “… break us down …”
in the song
«Let’s Go Crazy»

is referring
to … “evil”

L.A. Reid … mentions “the elevator’s” meaning in «Let’s Go Crazy»


And, here following one of
MySelf’s favourite
of Prince’s “creations” …

«Love, Thy Will Be Done»

«Love, Thy Will Be Done» ~ by Martika (1991) taken from the album “Martika’s Kitchen”

Prince is also singing this song (apparently)
of all the videos
i find that the “frequency”
does not … “align” with “his voice”.


Grateful & Great~Full


… <red ❤ heart> … ….








[ @Collective Evolution
is also of the “propaganda machine”
and here, it portrays Prince as
saying “the lesser of two dangers”
the saying goes :
“… the lesser of two evils …” ]

Prince - a 2 party system, the lesser of 2 dangers, the illusion of choice. A veiled form of fascism where nothing really changes and You never had a choice.

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