the “paranoid fear” of the “old paradigm” , #disEMP00462

. . .
Dearest «i am» of “You”
Less than 30 minutes ago
just after i replied to a comment
on a “Frank Zappa” post
by Dearest friend
Marjan van Asperen
… “facebook”
locked me out
yet again
(the 3rd time in less than a week)
Chrysothemis Phosphores
account ALL together
… detected suspicious
activities …
exactly as “they” have done
with my first original profile of
… @Alexia Christodoulou …
Managed to get back into this “one”
Alexia Penteleón
which “they” only locked
for “security risk” … and
as … “their” security checks
were less … “forceful” …
Still trying to get back into
… @Alexia Christodoulou …
by figuring out a way
to … “accept” things “they” ask
without allowing them
a FULL unadulterated rape
to “my humanity of person”
“they” ARE forcing me to !
not being able to “connect”
with all of “You”
in “ΦiλArmonia” particularly,
made quite a “tear” in my BEingNess
Tried to “re~connect”
with “Chrysothemis Phosphores
but/and it seemed quite … “hopeless”
Wishing for a … smoother “flow”
Grateful & Great~Full
… ….

No battle is ever lost ... The Struggle of Change IS always winning.EM . quotinq.
The quote is by «ale3iA (penteleón de aRcturi)», the title of the book, however, is only by someone who used the quote.