Self~portrait, #2754 Αὐτο~Προσωπο~Γραφίας περίΛηψη

The Tricoupe version of Neosynthesis will not happen.

The Romanou version of Neosynthesis will not happen.

BOTH the above mentioned “versions”
I had already been to architects
and PAID
to start the design configurations.

The first was when Vasso CHANGED the plans
when Pany and her family left
leaving the house in total ruin
needed FIXING.

Pany “suggested” and was “decided”
to “change” it into two houses
one for Vasso ἰσόγειο
one for MySelf ontop.

That’s when the 40,000 morgage happened.

THEN Pany persuaded Vasso to build HER OWN
have the property on HER OWN name.

Vasso turned around and said,
“NO, can do”
getting My own house it is Your morgage.

She had already taken more than 10,000
when she asked me to give it for V.P.A. “cash” problems.

That is when the first version of Neosynthesis happened.

I remember paying the architect
the very FIRST €500 NOTE we BOTH had seen,
when couple of days before
the currency in Cyprus was “transmuted”.

managed to persuade Vasso AGAIN
to change the plans.

I remember meeting Vasso at the flo cafe in Stasikratous
after I had finished my shift at the telephone directory.

She said she found a house she wanted to buy
since Tricoupe was a house she ALREADY built to HER style and liking
would I buy it
make an exchange with her,
where Vasso wanted HER OWN name on the property “Tricoupe”.

I met a second time at flo cafe
where I said “ok”
with the “ὃρο” that
Tricoupe “returns” to MySelf only after her passing.

She gave MySelf an “ὃρο”
to come and work at Laura Ashley, full-time,
to “cut her costs”.

A “death sentense” I accepted.

She was surprised by My “ὃρο” too,
but accepted it too.

I gave her ALL the money that was coming to me.
ALL of it.

She also used ALL the money of the morgage to FIX Tricoupe.

And I was stuck with a HUGE building
TWO houses that needed TOP to BOTTOM repairs
NO MONEY whatsoever to spend
on even making a living space for MySelf.

That is when the SECOND version of Neosynthesis kicked in.

Took part in an ECO Fare that happened at the time,
visited loads of stands with NEW “technology” and EVERYthing …
met a GREEN architect there
that I felt comfortable would translate My vision

Visited their offices
which were extremely impressive
gave them original designs of the house
and started working on different “ideas”

Vasso completely striped My room
and all My staff from the house,
without asking me to do it
one afternoon
there it was
a big VPA van parking in front of Romanou
with the Indian guys working there at the time
just unloading staff

THREE times they came

I was in shock …


My whole work, CDs, Books, DVDs, TV’s, video players etc etc etc
in one of the bedrooms up to the ceiling …

still bringing more …

I told them I cannot accept any more …

… they were angry with me

I guess they threw what was left
(I do not know what)
in one of VPA’s storage areas.

Vasso reappears
Tricoupe fixed
moved in with Vladimiros
all money gone


I had managed to pay all αποχετευτικα etc etc etc
to ask to make arrangements
for the “κοτσάνια” to go back to the names
as we agreed

from Alexia
to Vasso
with “ὃρο”

from Vasso, Pany, Antreas
to Alexia


Vasso changed her mind YET again

She was NOT to accept My “ὃρο”
as it would be unfair to Pany
if she would pass and have debts
Pany SHOULD have something to be able to pay those off.

I said I do not accept

She said
then I will not “give you My quarter of Romanou”
and then
3 minutes later
Pany called furious
and also said
“how dare You do that to Mom
NOT giving MY quarter of Romanou”


coming to Laura Ashley
pestering me to SIGN
as his ἐγγυητης for a loan he wanted

That was when I had my loan
where YOU helped me with Michalis !!!

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for me to do that!

(invading My space)

With all “that” going on
I told him I would “trade” him

A recently “property” he “gave” me and Pany.

I would give it BACK to him
and he
would “give” me his quarter of Romanou.

We did “that”.

The “property” I gave up
is the famous Rena Ware flats
he just renovated with the 30,000 !


he had bought the flat in Strovolos
moved in
because there were Russian girls he was having
pliting up with Giwrgoulla …

one evening,

after work
I went and found him
talked some sense into him
about the “property” issues
he was splitting up with her about
that he should go back to his WIFE.

He did.

And then,
Romanou became
absolutely impossible for me to live in
no heating,
no warm water
NO water full stop …

… started going to the flat for having a shower atleast

… when more and more

I started “living” there full time

became ill



once again
knocking on my door
to let You in …

… … …


And I have not described ANYthing
about my “love life” during “this” time … … …

…. … …



ouff this story


i dont want this story anymore
let’s try and make a new story alexaki m
I know it is an “ouff” story
for You to hear again
I Am sorry You heard it again.

I did not mean it to happen.

It is just that when You said
“tricoupe” and “neosynthesis”
I had just sort of described to You
the “Zygi” Neosynthesis version
that AGAIN will not happen …

You see,
it is not an “ouff” story for MySelf.

It is My “this time around” life story.

the Neosynthesis
“ANESPERA” version
in Ellas
with what I thought I managed to have
meaning “a family”,
is also NOT happening.

Well, basically and totally,
I Am left with NOTHING.

Not even a car to leave
or sleep in.

After Vasso’s dwelling is assured,
meaning Tricoupe
I wish not to “live here” any longer.

I Am honestly
quite happy leaving “this”
for some higher planes
what ever “that” is.

I want to finish-up “here”
and go rest.

I left a message to Vassilis
explaining in a nutshell
how he could “help” the situation

he was not somewhere
where he could consentrate
he said he would get back to me



May 6, 2018 9:27 AM



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