Old Paradigm : the identity duress, #00,0101

It’s FREE to register! (it “says so” anyways)

To ask for a phone-number
is to ACTUALLY ask for a person to have a pre-paid
(communication) service, rendered to “facebook”
and THAT is “breach of contract” on behalf of “facebook”
as this clearly is NOT providing a FREE service!

In any case, “facebook” does NOT “need” a phone number
to verify ANY identity, as “facebook” identity
is not applied to ANY official manner or form!

Stop harassing as an absolutist regime.

Because ultimately, it is as if
“facebook” is asking thinking beings to sign in its demise.

I have just given a “pro bono” legal advice to EVERY ONE,
including “facebook”.

“Facebook”, this coercion needs to cease!

Or, “face” the “book” that will be coming, eventually.


Oct 8, 2016 4:52 AM