Old Paradigm : political

Male shauvinism,
white supremacy,
corporate fascist regime,
not “blaming” THE president of the U.S.A.
for what after TWO incumbencies
of a total of EIGHT YEARS (almost a decade)
has NOT – NOT – NOT done to eliminate ?!!!
And, not only that BUT
WE are experiencing
what NOW appears to be
an all-broken-out epidemic,
the WORST the world has seen
(it is worse than in the 1960’s)
of BRUTALITY and “police” murdering
– few days ago the cold-blooded MURDER
of a by-stander family-man,
“incident number 19” in 2016 ALONE –
OBAMA’S Presidency is STILL ON …!
The PRESIDENCY has STILL almost half a year
before it is concluded !!! …
… And WE accept “words” being spoken
as if, they are discussing “the Obama presidency”
in the after-math …?!!!
And the “source” of these “words/propaganda”
are from a PUBLISHING media
(“see” advertisements, therefore “interests”)
of “The Guardian”
(WHAT DOES the “name” suggest, really ?!!!) .
it is as if there is NO “leader in that” sewer !
Let alone a “coloured leader”
who, for nearly EIGHT YEARS now, has
“presidented” over the WORST policies EVER
(“Health Care”, “Justice system”, “Educational ProVisions”)
for the U.S.A.ian citizens !!!
SHAME !!! – SHAME !!! – SHAME !!!
S H A M E . . . ! ! ! . . .
OUT WITH THE OBSOLETE “old paradigm”
It is OUR time … OUR World … OUR lives
Καταχωρίσθηκε στὴν κατηγορία Ἄνευ κατηγορίας ἀπὸ τὸν/τὴν awnidea. Φυλάξτε τὸν μόνιμο σύνδεσμο στὰ ἀγαπημένα σας.

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