Cassandra’s incident ( … )

… : *) …
Greetings to everyone !
A God~child, a niece really, she is to be 14-years-old
on the 11th of February
(yes, an Aquarius and Cancer as the Ascendant
but that is too early to take into account, right 😉 )
anywho …
she had an issue she was purplexed about
and her mother suggested she also talked to me about it
(being the “God~Mother” and all that … 😀 )
and since it is clear there is no age limit (as of yet)
within this “closed group”, it feels appropriate to
bring it in for discussion
(both her and her mother are “ok” with it, as I have already
asked their permission to “discuss” it in a similar community 🙂 ).
So, Cassandra, let us say her name is the ancient
Εllenic name of Paris sister, who according to Homer’s
“ILIAD”, she was gifter with foresight, and also ill-fated
to have none of her foresights BElived, which ofcourse
ultimately led to Troy’s destruction …
… so, Cassandra, communicated that not too long ago,
in fact right before the Christmas vacation, there was
this incident at school where she witnessed an “accident”
provoked by the “popular girl” and “teachers’ pet”,
as one might say, that send Cassandra’s best friend to hospital,
thank Godness, it was just for a couple of stitches
(still, pretty nasty I felt) …
Now, You would expect that the persons “involved”
would rush towards the girl that was hurt, as soon as this happened,
to check on her well~BEing.
According to Cassandra that was standing by her desk
two columns on the left and on the same “flight” or row I should say,
the very person that “instigated” the accident, not only did she
not rush to the aid of her classmate, but started yelling her
“non-involvement” and “non-fault”, repeatedly so.
Moreover, during the school’s interval the “non-involved” girl
started pointing fingers at a not-very-popular other girl,
that was in fact, sitting by the desk Cassandra was standing
next to, during the incident.


Feb 6, 2017 5:06 AM


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