“… of ignorance” , #enEATS163grus

are man-made events,
all part of
“disaster capitalism”.
“They” have been … “demonstrating”
that capability, since the 1980’s.
(see Philippines after Marco, or
Ellas [wrongly known as Greece]
and “meta-politefsis” of PASOK).
On top of everything, “they”
get to be asking for
“they” spent, as “they” see fit.
When it is about
“getting rid of locals” but
“keeping basic infrastructure”, then
it is a hurricane, and big storms.
(see Catrina and New Orleans, 2005
or, Ellas [wrongly known as Greece] 2017)
When it is about
eradicating the natives and area completely
allowing for full “development” to take place,
it is Earthquakes and Tsunamis.
(see Sri Lanka 2004 or, Haiti 2010).
It is all about, cost.
If it is a too costly procedure
for propaganda
manipulation of the masses, via
“engineering of consent”,
if it does not directly involve
THE terrorist theocratic state
of the Middle East,
“they”, just “push the button”.
and “voilá”, a new place
to capitalise on.

Buckminster Fuller - There is no Energy Crisis, Food Crisis or Environmental Crisis. This is only a Crisis of Ignorance.

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