Dominance over Native People

. . .
There is only one way for “them”
to dominate over any native people,
no matter where.
Stealing their
(Hellenic “ἱστορία”,
literally “thread-story”
= History
it is a female noun)
Misappropriating their
(Hellenic “ἀλήθεια”,
“that which cannot pass to oblivion”
= Truth
“λῆθη”, lethi = oblivion
e.g. lethium)
The Hellenic
(misappropriated to Greek)
is a live organism
that maintains the mind
liberated and free to
conceive on its own accord.
It was essential for “their” plans
to “strike” where it would
implement “total ruination”
for the world over.
Hellenic language
is in all the people’s languages
The Hellenic civilization
and its ΠΝΕΥΜΑ (pneuma)
has been
probably the only
civilization that “infiltrated”
other people’s lands
not to cause damage.
It is not accidental
that “the Hellenic”
is number one
in the list of “their”
“world demolition” plans.
I Am not talking about
the country, nor the people
although obviously
the “route of the target” has
those physical attributes.
I AM referring to
“The Hellenic Pnevma”
that which entails
a Photo~BEingNess.
Language is
a communication of ENergy
into a physical ex~press~ion.
The Hellenic language
is based on uniVERSAL frequencies.
WE know the UniVerse is vibration.
The Hellenic letters (the alphabet)
are each a frequency,
a numerical ex~press~ion.
each word
is in fact
the “sum” of (ΑΘΡΟΙΣΜΑ)
the letters (ΑΡΘΡΩΣΗ)
and, subsequently,
the specific “frequency”
of what the word is expressing
within the “armonia”
of the uniVERSE (σύνΠΑΝ).
This is just a tiny little bit
of what has been for years
“deprived” from the people
and the Hellenophones,
in particular!
A person of Hellenophone language
is not easily subjugated.
A Hellenophonic mind
is not easily manipulated.
That is why it was so important
to keep the “learning” for the few.
That is why later on,
and with the advent of “attendance”
the “learning bodies”
had to be metamorphosized
into “schools” and
the “programming institution”
in which “education” became.
From there on,
“free thinking”
could be governed
as to its “definition”.
And, from then on,
the dismantling and deconstructing of
the Hellenic language, to a point
beyond recognition, as
it has been “served”
for the last
35 odd years,
could be exhaustively, regulated.
“They” have been scheming
for a looong time, in order to
“produce their hybris”
Uninterrupted by “free thinking”
“people’s movements”.
revolution is not made.
no matter “who, where, what,”
the time arrived for
OUR “how”
in the
“I AM ~ 1ness ~ revolution”.
OUR Abundance IS inevitable

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