Deprogramming Time ConVersAtIon, #658

Deprogramming the mind Most part of our linear mind exists in the past. We don’t realize, assuming we are existing in the present.
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Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

The mind is not “us”, the “I Am” in other words.

It is our 6th sense.
A tool to use for existing in this dimension.
We, arrogantly, elevated it to a status equivalent to
our very “existance”.

It is its limitation that translates “time” as linear,
with a “past”, “present” where we exist, and “future”.

It is part of its 3D limitation of perception.
Exactly as the limitations of the rest of our senses.

It is, therefore, correct to contemplate on “inner reality”
in juxtaposition of the “outer reality”, which is what we
“get stack” with as the experience of “life”.

Stack with an “outer reality” as perceived by our six senses.

… ….

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Deprogramming the mind
Deprogramming the mind There are many yesterdays and many tomorrows as the linear mind perceives, which we first respect and accept to then enter multi-dimensional understanding and exist, by synthesis, in each present moment as a conscious being.

Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou… : *) …

My mind has difficulty comprehending long sentences.

I feel I understand a need to reassure ourselves
of a threshold we are capable of.

I also feel that such a threshold, however, its very existance
and qualification, is a concept of the mind.

The mind is limited.

It is what it is.

Our senses are limited.

They are what they are.

I feel there persists a need to “achieve”
the whatever “higher state” we perceive
(our mind) there is.

I feel that it is in “letting go” of “that” need
that we may exist with less friction with reality.

Less, not all friction with “reality”.

All friction to cease is possible, probably
in another “dimension” of BEingNess.

Probably, what we “here” experience as death.

… …

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