White Female Patriatchy of the North-West on World Thely Voice and Expression, #OBWAM3021

. . .
Maybe reconsider the title of
“Female Artists in History” ?!
As with the dogma of the old and obsolete paradigm
of the world, every thing we come to be tought and learn,
is through the patriarchal North-Western gaze
and conditioning.
This page, I Am sadden to say, is no exception.
The very title of a “catholic take over” scope
without it BEing, however, “all~embracing”, is
typical of such a “white supremacy (fe)male
We are programmed, OFcourse, not to notice
and in effect, brush away even the thought
that we may be not … “inclusive” in
“our” representations, of the “world”.
This is not about taking away from anyone …
It IS, nevertheless, about the
“it is time we halt and truely ponder”
what we are NOT DOing
and consequently, we ARE BEing,
conversly ascribed as well.
We are being and we are not doing,
by following on
the “high road” of the establishment, who
decided and asserted, designated and instituted,
given and set as “such”,
without even the slightest of scruple
and an obvious compunction of the
exclusiveness, it is so deplorably
infested with.
“Female Artists” is much more than what
is presented and re~presented in here.
This is not saying that
this page is not resource~full
of importance.
Quite the contrary.
It IS !
It is with a suitable title, that is.
A title that candidly states :
“North-Western Female Artists in History”
❤ 🙂 ❤
Grateful & Great~Full



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