White Female Patriatchy of the North-West on Eastern Thely Voice and Concerns, #OBWAM3000

WorldPulse Sister, Ch Urmila reaching so many girls, changing lives, dissolving myths, building empowerment.

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Ch Urmila with Tamarack Verrall and 11 others in Andhra Pradesh.

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Donate a sanitary pad packet and I will take it to remotest parts of India and Nigeria this year and give it to needy adolescent girls and women after training them on how to take care of themselves during periods!

‘Breaking the Silence’ Campaign will reach this year within India these places
– Jammu and Kashmir

and overseas

Donate sanitary pad packet/s, send it to me by post and be a part of this effort to change the quality of lives of girls and women.

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Periods is not a woman’s issue. It is everyone’s issue!


Ch Urmila
Ch Urmila Thanks for sharing sister Tamarack Verrall. Our togetherness is the strength of this program.

Alexia Christodoulou

Similar to the 1990’s baby-diapers industry
breaking through the Chinese market, it seems !…

There was this U.K. documentary (1990’s-2000’s?)
the garbage the world is faced with, with
the onslaught of “disposable” diapers
(away from the “traditional” ways).

It was also demonstrating, how the North-Western
industry of disposable diapers would have
a field day to break-through the literally MILLIONS
of the Chinese market
(which used traditional methods, still) …!

Similarly, for the millions of women
of “such” a market,
very profitable earnings for the “pad’s” industry
aswell, I would think !!!


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Tamarack Verrall
Tamarack Verrall Hi Alexia, I have been thinking of your comment, and yes we do need to solve the garbage crisis we are making globally. Both washable and paper pads are being distributed. As we look at the garbage crisis I want the girls in India and Africa who are finally getting pads to have what I enjoyed throughout my whole menstruating life. So let’s work on alternatives, but not by making these girls wait. Having pads is life changing.
Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

Hello Tamarack, I have been thinking of Your response,
and yes WE do need to solve the garbage state and not
extend it further.

You say :
– You want the girls in India (the country)
and Africa (the continent)
who are finally (21st century, at the end of 2nd decade)
getting pads,
to have what
You enjoyed throughout Your whole menstruating life.

* Is it not condescending to be saying that women
that have not be using “pads” were … backwards

(in terms with the “finally”
after so many years and years) ?

* Is it not propably the case, that
the “traditional ways” of “handling” gynaestruating,
are actually THE “planet-friendly” and “planet-respectful”
as these ways are most likely
to be 100% recyclable at “production”
AND “usage” level,
as it is more than often doubtless,
one and the very “same” level

(so, the garbage inevitability of such consumption
is not relevant to these countries) ?

* Above everything else,
the “traditional ways” are
not involved with having to have “money”
to “consume” these products,
and thusly
putting women in a disadvantageous situation
where by,
they not only must HAVE money
must RETAIN a specific budget
AND it is not minimal either,
on a monthly basis

(so, women are now “required” to have money
and if they do not, they are simply not
eligible for “enjoyment” or “emancipation”,
exactly the same as
the females of “civilized” countries who
almost certainly do not,
when they have none,
and “that” is promoted as “aiding their liberation”) ?

* Also, it is
still glaringly evident that
this whole marketing (via “women’s empowerment”)
will by far “service”
the gross earnings of the pad companies,
the women, it is claiming to be unconstraining.

(is it not, in fact, creating a dependency
on a product that, unlike “traditional ways” perhaps,
the women :
– are not producing,
– are totally obligated into a “money” status reliance,
– have no authority on price regulation,
– implicates a magnification of an unresolved garbage condition
that was not apparently amplified, with their “traditional ways”) ?

why are the North-Western cultures
(basically that of imperialism, “white supremacy”
-“male superiority” societies)
always on the assumption that
they have only solutions to offer to “these” countries
and never consider that
it could, IN FACT, be
the other way around

(since quite honestly,
it is principally, the North-Western cultures
of imperialism, white supremacy-male superiority dogma
and let’s face it, unadulterated contempt
for everyone else,
that has made the planet so totally out of balance) ?

Just thinking outloud and out-spoken, I guess .


are three words that mean the same
and none may exist without the other
~ Ale3ia

Post Scriptum :
Would it not be far more unshackling to present
such conversations than “man-made” products
of deliberate servitude ?

Simone de Beauvoir : 1975 interview (English subtitles)


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Tamarack Verrall
Tamarack Verrall I trust Urmila’s decisions on this. She has written widely on health and other problems girls have been facing. I used reusable pads when they became available. Before that I had the privilege of choice and water. We could do much on garbage globally before objecting to girls having pads, even if these are not a long term solution.

Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

Making the women of the world … PAY …
for BEing women … is the ultimate
component of misogyny.

It is misappropriation of women’s issues,
to promote the compulsary possession of money.

Especially in societies where “such” possession
is almost completely prohibited for females.

This is not female empowerment.

It is yet another corporate colonization
of the female species of OUR planet.

All the “public relations” talk in the world
cannot (white)wash the truth~fullNess
of this situation.

A little something from the U.S.A.ian Seriously.TV
about how North-Western women “enjoy”
their “freedom of womanhood”.

Obviously, again, IF You are in possession of money,
because if You are not, then a female simply
is erased from this patriarchical society.

I mean, a woman with no money that cannot buy
pads, what CAN she do, or go, or be
in these “civilised” societies ?

“Traditional cultures” appraise gynaestruation
as a period for reflection, self~meditation, planet healing.

To say the least, “traditional ways” consider it a time
when women do NOT HAVE to be “up & running”
in the unequal patriarchical rut-race.


The whole industry
around the “BEing a woman” malarkey
is a man-made contrivance towards the wanton
Female subjugation.
~ Chevalieuse de Faeinoterre Helia

[A rather crude video with a REAL point]


"How much does it cost to have a vagina?"
How Expensive Is Your Vagina?

How much does it cost to have a vagina?

Tamarack Verrall
Tamarack Verrall Alexia, I agree with you. But your focus being put here in response to my support for the life changing work that Urmila is doing in India is really disturbing. Please read more about her work and perhaps you will understand that my support for her goes so much further than pads. You are romanticizing “old ways” even though your work to change the waste and expense that women go through, and yes, unavailable when you have no money is valid. Many women in Africa and India are working to keep girls healthy and in school, and this means pads of some sort until we come up with a better solution globally, for every girl, and for the planet. Search “menstruation World Pulse”. These women are fully aware of your arguments. They are facing the same and larger issues.
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Tamarack Verrall
Tamarack Verrall Hi Alexia, I agree with you. We need to find solutions that are accessible to every girl and good for our planet. In the meantime I am in full support of what Urmila is doing. Her work goes far beyond pads and pads are part of it because the “old ways” which can be too easily romanticized when you are not living them, aren’t working for these girls and women. What is disturbing to me is that your objections and suggestions are misplaced here, undermining Urmila’s work and that of many women addressing serious problems girls are having when reaching menstruation. Please read more widely, search “menstruation World Pulse”. These women are working on problems larger than what you are describing.

Vivi Schenk
Vivi Schenk I hope you yourself just bleed freely without wasting ressources… if not, just leave a good work in peace. A good idea instead: start a fundraiser for reusable menstruation (nothing to do with “men” but with “mens”, month) kits (like silicon cups etc) and start distributing them or even better, start a production in a region of need…
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Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

Thank You, Vivi Schenk for Your patronising input.

I stopped taking that “pill” ages ago, and
thank You anyway.

Also, thank You for “hoping” I “bleed freely”.

Well, I may not be sponcored by a pads company
the “bleeding freely” I Am aware of
has been “sponcored” by other major industries.

An example here follows :

Chris Hedges sits down with author and activist Laila el-Haddad

Dearest Tamarack Verrall,

it is an interesting “take”
to find “disturbing”
the presentation of Truth~fullNess.

Native societies have been misapropriated
for centuries and the only way there is going
to be ANY decolonization of this imperialistic
process is
for the greedy hands of corporation to be cut off
and let the “native traditional ways” be resurrected
and evolved naturally and organically
throughout the globe.

There have been women,
as for example with Navdanya and Vandana Shiva,
that for years now, struggle
for OUR “seeds” to be free
from the corporate fascism
that only seek the holocaust
of nations and species.

A small sample here following :

Gaia Foundation video – Seeds of Freedom


It is not ok to continue to connive
what has no goodness whatsoever.


Wishing You both the courage
to see beyond the “selling points”
of corporate propaganda
and “white” patriarchical … par excellence.


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Tamarack Verrall
Tamarack Verrall Alexia, You seem to have no idea that a lot of your points made here are not new to me and detract from the reason I shared Urmila’s work. I am aware of Indigenous culture, and had the fortune to shake Vandana Shiva’s hand while I was an organic grower and seed saver. Why are you intent on assuming I am ignorant of the issues you raise? If this attempt at returning this string of conversation to the important work that Urmila is doing doesn’t turn around, I will just take it down. Disappointing. Please read more on what, why and how women in Africa are working with girls toward empowerment.
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Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

Dearest Tamarack,

I honestly will not even try to take on
Your assumption that I Am assuming anything
about Your life, in particular.

If all this was written in private messaging
then perhaps, You would be right
in assuming
such a notion on my behalf.

I write things in the comments’ section
all to see and read.

Taking “things” on a personal level
is not my forte.

My original comment was about raising
awareness on the fact that, corporations
have no interest in promoting anything
but their products.

“getting in bed” with such leviathans
needs further consideration and
stronger immunity.


I have still not read a response that
addresses the issues I have clearly placed,
other than attempts to
derail the true focus
make it about
“me this – you that” drama ?


I recognise the “stratagem”
and, although I admired Your original
profile writing,
(as I have pointed out privately to YourSelf),
it does not shock me to find that
may be I have misread You altogether ?

Perhaps that is what it is.

It must be, beCAUSE

why else would You choose
to consider a notion such as
“mySelf assuming You are ignorant” ?


The question-marks are typed
without a need, on my behalf, to receive
an answer.

I trust the psyche faaaar more than any reply
a “mind” can submit or collect.

And it is precisely the reaching the Psyche
within the ΣύνΠόσιο Ψυχῆς – Symposium of Psyche
that I Am wishing to deploy.


Wishing You and I
deliverance on every level.

Grateful & Great~Full


[From “Grapes of Wrath”
(book by John Steinbeck, 1939)
film directed by John Ford, 1940]

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