U.S.A.ian Old Paradigm “political” agenda of bla~bla~bla, #08ps.616IT subtitle : overkill of the speech

Van Hoskinson
Van Hoskinson Democrats have been in charge for the last eight years and you did nothing. Except increase the amount of polarization of the parties and divide American citizen based on race, sex , and sexual orientation. Thanks

Pamela DeLargy
Pamela DeLargy Hmm. You blame Democrats for sexism and racism?

Van Hoskinson
Van Hoskinson I don’t see conservatives or moderates point out skin color or gender. The don’t play diversity politics . Besides if democrats cared about minorities maybe they would address the fact that 50% of the violent crime in this country is committed by Americans of African decent which make up 13% of the population. Never talk about that but they are more than happy to talk about how privileged I am as a white male. I don’t even think of myself as white I’m a human being just like everyone else.



John Angius

John Angius Words spoken from a US senator who is worth upwards of $10 million. In fact, of you cannot find a senator who is not wealthy beyond most of us, I would be shocked. Neither side has a lock on benevolence. They all have enriched themselves during their time in Washington.

Julie Williams
Julie Williams Some people can be rich and still see how the system works against the ones that aren’t.

Alexia Christodoulou
Alexia Christodoulou

Dearest Julie Williams,

also, nevertheless, most people ARE poor

(“can” is not applicable as a subjunctive verb here
because, there is no striving towards “becoming” poor)

and ARE seeing

(“still” is also not applicable as an adverb here;
and in addition,
the subjunctive mood “can be, can see”
would also not pertain
Present Continuous
of the indicative mood is employed
because, it is a factual statement of an “on going”

how the system works against

(“the ones that are not” ascertains that
you are referring to “the ones” that are not “rich”,
therefore, the “poor”;
the “poor”, in this case, are not someone “else”
the poor ARE themselves and are, not only
not eased into becoming elected, rich, etc
by the system, but
the system works against the poor becoming
anything but remain poor.
Although, Your lack of stating the adjective/noun
“poor” and using an utterly indefinite pronoun
“the ones”, allows You to
make a totally biased statement for the “rich”
without the actual implications a sincere declaration
could have had.)

In summary,
“nevertheless, most
people are poor
are seeing how
the system works against




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